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Cork Alliance Centre

Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling Support 

and Advice

If you are concerned that you have an addiction and are not sure what to do. Or if you have tried many things and you still find that you are faced with negative consequences from your abuse of drink, drugs, gambling, etc, we can support you to look at your addictions, to work out what you can do to gain control back over your life. We can support you to work out how you can best address your addictions and to take those first steps. For everyone their recovery journey is different - everyone has their own demons, fears and anxieties; getting help and support can ease that journey. As you begin to face your addictions and move towards recovery we can support you make your positive choices and face your challenges.

If you have an addiction or are concerned about your drug/alcohol/gambling use and behaviours, we can support you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of why you drink/use drugs/gamble
  • Link in with addiction counselling and psychotherapy services
  • Access support groups and support services in your community
  • Access a variety of addiction treatment options – both residential and day-programmes.