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Cork Alliance Centre

What does person-centred mean to the Cork Alliance Centre?

The person-centred approach is developed from the work of the psychologist Carl Rogers (1902 – 1987). His theory (and our day-to-day work practice) is based on trusting each persons desire (known as the actualising tendency) to reach their own potentials.

As we are all different, person-centred support is support that is tailored to your personal needs and hopes. It means that the things that are important to you are discussed and form the basis of your support. Your relationship with your Support Worker and the Cork Alliance is important in helping and facilitating this. Our role is to be understanding (empathic), accepting (having unconditional positive regard) and genuine (congruent) as we work together.

For the Cork Alliance Centre being person-centred means

  1. affording people dignity, respect and compassion
  2. offering co-ordinated support
  3. offering personalised support
  4. empowering people

The starting point for empowerment is seeing your value and seeking to support you to recognise, engage with and develop your own sense of resourcefulness, and to build on your own unique range of capabilities. For us, being ‘empowering’ means that we support you to recognise and build on your own strengths and/or to recover from your setbacks or relapses so that you can live an independent and fulfilling life.

Our part in this supporting relationship is where we have the responsibility of

  • consistently being there to enable and support change while leaving the responsibility, power or authority to make it happen with you.
  • accepting where you are at and working at your pace - slips, falls and all - while not pushing or pulling you.
  • staying connected with you and supporting you to nurture healthy relationships that are safe, accepting and caring, while not colluding with destructive harmful behaviours.
  • letting you show and explore your inherent goodness and that you are someone of worth, with the power and responsibility to make good choices and to cope peacefully with frustration and conflict, while leaving responsibility, power or authority with you.