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Cork Alliance Centre

Strengths-based approach

Our strengths-based approach adopts the Good Lives Model as a basis for our work. We believe that everyone wants a happy, peaceful life where family, friends and community are important. Feeling connected with both yourself and the people around you, is a means of getting a “good life”. Changing from a life involving crime is no easy task and requires both determination on your part and supports and resources from others – the Cork Alliance is part of that support network. This may begin a process of self-discovery, or indeed you may already be on it, and we are there to support and motivate you along the way. We work together with you, in a way that your voice, hopes, choices and active participation are central to our supporting your change.

We know that everybody has a unique set of strengths and capabilities and the potential for growth, change and achievement. The power to change is within you, and identifying your strengths and capabilities means that you can work from there to build on them for positive change to contribute to you living your best life. Enhancing your strengths will bring into your life a strong sense of self, secure and trusting social relationships, meaningful activity, motivation and hope. By starting with what you do well, you can focus on opportunities, building capacity that meet your individual needs, strengths and current circumstances.

Through building on your strengths in ways that do not harm others (pro-social) you can reach your goals and we can support you to do this.